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Why ThanksForSupporting?

ThanksForSupporting fills the void in the market

Hybrid Fundraiser

Combines the ease of a crowd funding platform with the benefits of a product-based fundraiser

Simple & Profitable

The $7.50 per donation flat fee makes it easy to understand and profitable (average 80% to groups)

Gift for Donors

The exclusive gift for donors (GeoCoupons) ensures you are not just asking for a hand out

The Affiliate Program

Take advantage of the limited opportunity to become a TFS Affiliate and take control of your schedule

The Ideal Opportunity

Achieve the goals and lifestyle you desire

  • The fundraising market is huge and growing
  • Schools, churches and youth organizations run millions of fundraisers each year
  • Limited positions are available - with unlimited territories and earning potential
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Affiliate Responsibilites

As a TFS Affiliate, your primary activities and responsbilities will include:

  • Networking with schools, leagues, coaches, PTO/PTA groups, churches, etc.
  • Reaching out through phone calls, emails text messages. and social media
  • Giving presentations in person (or over Zoom) to groups (PTA/PTO, schools, teams, etc.)
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Ideal Characteristics

The most successful Affiliates have all (or most) of the following:

  • Character - motivated, excited, driven, desire to help others,
  • Personality - friendly, outgoing, networker, "people person"
  • Skills - organization, communication, presentation
  • Experience - volunteer, coach, parent, or teacher
View the Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Resources

As a TFS Affiliate, you'll be in business for yourself - but
not by yourself. You'll receive access to incredible tools,
training and support, including:

Affiliate Portal

Login to your Affiliate PortaI to see your personal dashboard, view reports, track fundraisers, watch training videos, and access all marketing materials and resources.

Proven Templates

Use our tried and tested phone scripts, text messages, emails and powerpoint templates to confidently reach out, reply and present to fundraising contacts and groups.

Training & Support

Leverage our 28 years of fundraising experience to learn exactly how to approach each and every situation. View the training videos or just give us a call for advice.

Fundraising Calendar

Stop wondering what you should be doing each month or week of the year. Your fundraising calendar will keep you on track of all events, reminders and activities.

Group Calls

Collaborate with other TFS Affiliates on weekly calls to share experiences, ask questions, and find out what's working for others to maximize your success.

Marketing Materials

Access all of the marketing materials you need directly from your Affiliate Portal, including: Logos, Banners, PowerPoints, Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Shirts, Name Badges, etc.

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